Product Development

Unlock detailed feedback and insights from millions of consumers regarding your products and competition.

Quickly understand how millions of consumers evaluate your brand and products.

Gain access to a detailed analysis of the competitive landscape

Achieve Indisputable Product Leadership

Get actionable insights on what consumers love and hate about your products and competition.

Build customer intimacy

Unlock hidden information about your target audience to deeply understand consumer needs, trends, satisfaction, and purchase drivers.

Get ahead of competition

Access a comprehensive competitive landscape map with detailed information about every product in the market and their impact of each feature on consumers.

Closely monitor product performance

Track the performance of your products vs competition. Understand which products and features are driving consumer satisfaction and purchase intent.

Measure the impact of new products

Have daily information about the performance of new products, and understand what consumers are saying about them.

Receive early signals of quality issues

Quickly identify quality issues and rising problems before they become a crisis.

Access a customizable SWOT analysis

Leverage the multi processing capabilities of AI to generate a complete SWOT analysis, unlocking major gaps and opportunities to create competitive advantage and drive business growth with new products.

Create Sustainable
Competitive Advantage

Deeply understand consumers Leverage AI to get deep, granular insights about your customers.

Get ahead of competition
Anticipate competitive moves and easily map the entire landscape.

Maximize ROI
Drastically improve the ROI of new products and features.

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