In the fast-paced world of Software as a Service (SaaS), success isn’t just about building a great product; it’s about scaling your company and sustaining growth over time. This journey from a promising startup to a well-established player in the SaaS industry can be a rollercoaster ride. To help you navigate this path, we’re sharing valuable insights from Henrique, the SVP of Product Management at, a leading financial technology company. His journey from the early days in Brazil to being a key player at offers essential lessons for product managers and customer experience managers in the SMB SaaS sector.

Navigating the Path to SaaS Success: Insights from Henrique at
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Starting Small: The Humble Beginnings

Henrique’s journey began in Brazil, where he studied computer science and worked as an engineer at the country’s largest bank. His transition to product management was a pivotal moment, as he joined, one of the first employees when it was still a fledgling startup with just 20 users. This early phase taught him valuable lessons about the dynamic nature of a growing company. From this, we can derive our first key lesson:

Lesson 1: Start Small but Think Big

When starting as a product manager in a SaaS startup, don’t be discouraged by the limited user base. Every big success story starts small. Focus on proving the business concept, listening to your initial customers, and solving their problems. In these early stages, you need to play the role of a problem solver and be highly engaged with your users.’s trajectory from a small startup to a publicly-traded SaaS powerhouse involved scaling the company and its product offerings. Henrique emphasized the need for different skill sets at each stage of the company’s growth. Here’s where the second valuable lesson comes in:

Lesson 2: Evolve with your SaaS Company

As a product manager, you must be adaptable. Each phase of a company requires different skills and focuses. In the early stages, your role is about proving the concept, listening to your customers, and solving their problems. This often involves a lot of selling – convincing customers that you have a path to solve their issues. It’s about thinking big but being scrappy.

Reaching Product-Market Fit: Balancing Feedback and Data

Customer feedback is the lifeblood of product management. But how you use that feedback evolves as the company grows. In the early days, you can have a more direct connection with users. But as your user base expands, you need to balance qualitative feedback with data-driven insights.

Lesson 3: Find the Right Balance

As a product manager in a growing SaaS company, you must strike a balance between customer feedback and data analysis. In the early days, qualitative feedback is vital. However, as the company scales, you need to rely more on data-driven decision-making. Tools and techniques for aggregating and analyzing data become crucial.

One of the toughest challenges in SaaS is maintaining growth.’s journey highlights the importance of differentiating your product while addressing existing customer needs and pursuing new opportunities.

Lesson 4: The Balancing Act

In the quest for sustained growth, balancing the needs of your existing customers with your pursuit of new opportunities is key. You should prioritize enhancements that add value to your existing user base while also pursuing avenues that open doors to new customers. The goal is to ensure that your growth aligns with your core product’s capabilities and the value it offers.

Henrique’s career at showcases how he continually looked for opportunities aligned with the company’s goals. He emphasizes being proactive, asking the right questions, and seeking opportunities to grow and learn. This drive to expand his skills and tackle new challenges led him from being a product manager to the SVP of Product Management at

Elevating Your SMB SaaS Game

The journey from a small SaaS startup to a thriving and established SaaS company is filled with twists and turns. Product managers and customer experience managers in the SMB SaaS sector can learn valuable lessons from Henrique’s experiences. Start small but think big, evolve with your company’s changing needs, strike the right balance between feedback and data, and master the art of juggling existing client needs with new growth opportunities.

As you embark on your own SaaS journey, remember that while the path may be challenging, the lessons learned along the way will be your most valuable assets. By understanding and applying these insights, you can navigate the road to SaaS success with confidence and purpose, ensuring your product and company thrive in a dynamic and ever-changing market.

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