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Birdie helps companies achieve product leadership and drive business growth with real-time actionable insights from millions of consumer data points.

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Leverage AI-Powered insights to uncover what millions of consumers think of your products and competition.

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Maximize Revenue and Business Growth

Quickly identify areas to improve your products, growing sales and profitability while reducing costs.

Improve product quality, performance and customer satisfaction­

Access insights on customer satisfaction with your brands, products, and services throughout the purchase funnel and product lifecycle.

Amplify your team's impact and performance

Multiply your company’s ability to analyze market data and generate actionable insights, while reducing costs and time to market.

Birdie pulls millions of reviews and feedback from consumers all over the world, generating one of the richest sources of insights globally.

(e-commerces, forums, social media, internal tools, etc).

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Our AI solution uses cutting edge Machine Learning Technology, Advanced Natural Language Processing, and proprietary Multi-Entry Taxonomy to structure, enrich, and analyze the information.

Through patented algorithms, Birdie performs thousands of simultaneous analysis to generate real-time insights, identifying trends, critical issues, weaknesses, strengths, and opportunities

The information is then presented in a dynamic, intuitive, and easy-to-use dashboard. Every analysis can be visualized in segmented reports, charts and tables, making it easy for the teams to access insights and information.

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