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Birdie helps companies understand what consumers want, identify opportunities in the market, prioritize relevant features, and define go-to-market strategies to build more successful products.

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Create Competitive Advantage

Leverage AI-Powered insights to uncover what millions of consumers like and dislike about your products and competition.

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Innovate with certainty and speed

Quickly identify areas to improve and launch products, growing sales and profitability while reducing costs and time-to-market.

Create differentiation

Get a full competitive landscape to easily identify gaps and opportunities in the market to appropriate.

Improve customer experience

Access pre-critical insights on customer satisfaction throughout the purchase funnel and product lifecycle.

Drive efficiencies of scale

Gather all data sources in one place to multiply your company's ability to analyze market data.

Birdie pulls data from several public and private sources, combining them to create the first product intelligence cloud platform - a place for Product teams to extract insights and collaborate.

Our solution uses cutting-edge AI & Machine Learning Technology, Advanced Natural Language Processing, and proprietary Multi-Entry Taxonomy to structure, enrich, analyze, and identify, in real-time, trends and opportunities from billions of data points about your brand and competitors.

Birdie algorithms perform thousands of simultaneous analyses, correlating data sets to automatically generate real-time insights, showcasing trends, critical issues, weaknesses, strengths, and opportunities in a dynamic and easy-to-use dashboard.

From there, Product Managers can start projects, prioritizing categories, products, and features with more accuracy and speed. Consumer Insights, Marketing, and Quality teams also can have their own dashboards to monitor and start their own projects:

Consumer Insights
Product Development
Quality & Safety

Like social listening platforms, Birdie captures public data to generate reports, but the similarities end there.

See how Birdie is different:

No setup is required from the client – the platform is ready to use.

Rather than performing queries/keyword searches, Birdie captures everything and discover what is standing out.

Our dashboards can highlight and measure how attributes are impacting satisfaction, purchase, and more.

We are not another dashboard with reports – Birdie provides stories that tell the insights and suggest actions to take.

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