From noise to the right tone

Orchestrate your customers' voices and make better product decisions​

Birdie is a platform that allows people in product-related jobs to centralize and classify feedback from many sources in a single place and get insights with the help of AI

Feedback Analytics Platform for product teams​

We help product-centric companies better understand customers at scale to create product strategies to increase acquisition, conversion, and retention

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Combining cutting-edge AI technology and human expertise, our collaborative SaaS platform gives a superpower to product teams: listening to millions of customer feedback to prioritize key features, optimize product and positioning, identify emerging trends, and monitor competitors

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The right answer, for the right people
Birdie helps your company teams find insights for their challenges

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For Product Management

Drive better product decisions and prioritize the roadmap based on your customer feedback

For Product Marketing

Refine product positioning and create key messages that stick to your audience using your customers' words

For User Experience

Spend less time analyzing data from multiple sources and spend your time talking to customers

For Customer Experience

Simplify your job to listen to customer's voices and collaborate with product teams to ensure the user's pains will be heard

Birdie in the media

Combine human expertise with AI to uncover customer needs at scale

Single Source of Truth

Bring together all your customer feedback in one place to have a clear picture of them

Quantify qualitative at scale

Stop missing things due to lack of time to analyze the data

Insights in minutes, not hours

Analyze data and discover product trends faster, find opportunities and issues in what your customers are saying

Better together

Spread knowledge about product perceptions and break down silos between areas

Do more with Birdie

Superpower your ability to understand your users with our AI-powered Feedback Analytics Intelligence