Reduce the uncertainty of product decision-making

Remove the noise from feedback to validate assumptions, discover new opportunities, and gather evidence to support better product decisions.

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Transform customer feedback and data into revenue and make CX a key differentiator

Centralize customer feedback from internal and external sources to uncover and quantify customer needs and pain points, generating insights that will lead to lower churn, better retention, and lower contact rate

The Feedback Analytics Platform for Product Teams

Birdie uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to transform countless customer feedback into quantifiable evidence to be used as a strategic input for product strategies and decisions.

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How Birdie can help your product strategies

“We use Birdie to discover and quantify our most requested features, biggest issues, and main reasons for losing deals – it has become our cockpit for user feedback centralization and analysis. This allowed us to cut our time spent analyzing data by half while also increasing our ability to gather evidence for faster decision-making and better stakeholder alignment.”

Richard Parolari

Business Discovery Manager

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Features that enable a systematic approach to get insights from customer feedback

Feedback streaming

Create a live feed of feedback from NPS answers, surveys, support tickets, app reviews, and more by integrating the tools that your company uses and centralizing all user feedback data in one place.

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Exploration & Segmentation

Stay up to date with what customers are saying as fresh feedback comes up in your workspace. Link it with customer profile information, operational metrics, and custom fields to segment analysis and quickly find answers to your questions.

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AI-Powered classification

Organize feedback by Product Areas with our AI-powered multi-layered taxonomy and get data automatically classified by sentiment, intention, and reasons. Customize feedback groups while AI learning with you to suggest similar terms and scale your job.

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Get an overview of quantified product feedback in charts to analyze sentiment, intention, and reasons; follow trends; compare data; and discover your product’s strengths and weaknesses.

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Makes collaboration between product people and stakeholders easier and really turns the process of creating and evolving a product into a team sport, enabling every employee inside a company to participate in product development.

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Connect your favorite tools with Birdie

Bring your most important feedback sources to Birdie to get a 360 view of your users. Integrate with analytics tools to segment the data and create cohorts for granular analyses.

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Amplify your product expertise with AI-enabled customer feedback analysis

Birdie is a Customer Feedback Analytics tool with Artificial Intelligence and NLP

Save time by letting our AI filter strong signals from noise and automatically categorize sentiment, intention, and context of feedback.

Birdie automatically eliminates personal data from feedback and our SOC2-compliant model learns from customers to improve faster, but never shares data between customers.

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Birdie is a Customer Feedback Analytics tool with Artificial Intelligence and NLP

Centralize customer feedback to create better products, experiences, and marketing campaigns

Fostering more collaborative product strategies

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Birdie is a Feedback Analytics Platform for Product teams. We centralize feedback from multiple sources using AI to help you: categorize it, summarize patterns and trends, combine qual and quant data, and get insights faster.

No, our focus is on the analysis of qualitative data (unstructured text) derived from feedback. However, you can also bring quantitative data related to each feedback, such as the NPS score, customer plan, feature usage, onboarding date, behavior, etc; and cross this information to make your analysis.

Birdie supports hundreds of languages and you can keep your feedback in the native language or automatically translates your data into English.

No, but we can suggest some specialized tools for that.

For now, each customer is being assisted individually by our customer success team.