Sony X800E 43" (2017) - XBR-43X800E


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Best reviews


Lag: Let’s address that first. The initial lag in the TV interface is so bad I’d call it “deal breaking.” However, once the software is updated (a normal part of the early setup process) the lag vanishes. I’ve had NO LAG after the update, none. One could question wisdom of Sony continues to ship uni


Sony used to be great... now they have jumped full force into the Google Android bandwagon and this TV is no exception. Everything on this TV was designed to do one thing - look into every aspect of your privacy. There are more apps installed on this TV then I care to even try to count and every one


I have to be honest, they display is fantastic. However, I have my problems with it. First of all, the UI is very laggy and sluggish. Frame rates are low when navigating through menus and it takes forever just to find and select one option. And leaving menus is a headache too, you have to constantly