Samsung Q60R 49" (2019) - QN49Q60R

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Best reviews


I asked salesman to show me the Q series vs other series in Samsung. I chose the Q and so pleased that I cannot say enough good things. I was coming off a Pioneer Elite Plasma, and expected a downgrade in quality. Didn't happen. Beautiful TV picture and sound. Add Geek Squad. and I am really happy.


No changes to the picture or performance, that is still fantastic. 2018 model (Q6FN) has bettet build quality. The feet stand used to be all metal now its plastic with cheap clip on snaps errrrr. Also the bezel!....its now plastic black and thick vs the awesome brushed thin aluminum of last year. Th


This is a very great TV. I was hesitant at first because of the size was going to be too short, but I realized that the picture and bright, beautiful colors of the QLED makes up for the size. Very great tv. My only gripe, the stands were put too far out and I ended up having bought a new stand but o