Samsung NU7300 55" (2018) - UN55NU7300


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Best reviews


I previously had a bad experience with a Samsung TV going bad after a year due to bad capacitors, so I was hesitant to buy another Samsung. After doing some homework and comparing a few different TVs I was interested in, I settled on this one. Mainly due to the curved screen, price, ability to fit o


I dont even know how to explain the newly gained experiences I have with this TV! From the picture quality to the sound quality to the features it holds inside! Its truly amazing! I’ve previously owned a Vizio smart tv 48inch at 1080p and thought it was time for an upgrade so I thought why not 4k an


I have seen some reviews complaining about it only sets up for 2.4 Wi-Fi. This is actually true but it doesn’t really matter . I saw where one person actually sent the TV back because it only set up for 2.4 but it really doesn’t matter because it will take the Wi-Fi if your router is 5.0 it doesn’t