Samsung NU6900 55" (2018) - UN55NU6900

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Best reviews


I bought 2 of these tvs per Spectrum said their app was supported by Samsung TVs so no cable box is necessary, however they had error messages that have to contact Spectrum for the resolve and cant stream in ultra internet 400 due to tvs antenna limits are only 200. There was nothing in the specs th


Great tv with an outstanding picture. The motion speed could be better. The spectrum app is currently having problems and that is a major issue for me as well as others. I called Spectrum twice and they are blaming Samsung for some of it. I believe it’s Spectrum’s software due to the fact I have two


Everything was beautiful with the TV until after about 3 weeks. Everytime I turned the power on it would not connect to wifi unless I unplugged it from power and plugged it back in. This was a pain in the rear. After a Google search I found this happens with other Samsung TVs as well. I put in a req