Margin Intelligence for Consumer Brands

Negotiate Better Terms
with Retailers

We give brand managers hard data about what your customers love and hate about everything that counts

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Hard data that every Brand Manager loves but
struggles to get in timely, comprehensive single-view databoard

What consumers love & hate about

• Products and top-of-mind attributes from you, competitors and generics;

• Buying experience across all channels, including ecommerce, market hubs (eBay!) and each retail store;

• Customer service across all success channels, including early adopter "watering holes" of Reddit, WhatsApp & Facebook groups, and more.

Birdie gives you hard Intelligence for negotiating better terms and merchandising actions down to trade zone, chain, and individual stores

with web-scale artificial intelligence with a single-view databoard that gives you timely, comprehensive and accurate data

Fewer market
coverage blindspots

Earliest identification
of trending issues

More powerful
accountability of retailer
and each store

Continuous updates
across brand, buying
experience and customer service

"When I think about most customer insights tools I think about “what” happened “where”, to “whom” and most critically “why.” Until recently I would not ever know the why unless I commissioned a survey, which takes a month or two to do and at great cost. Birdie from the start gets to the “why” by analyzing organic consumer sentiments and summarizing consumers' attitudes towards a brand on the marketing 4Ps [product, packaging, promotion, and price] in a way that consumers think, feel, and talk. This gives me both insights and hard data to know exactly where to improve our advertising, trade promotions, and service channels"

David Newman
Global VP Customer Insights, PepsiCo.

How Birdie Intelligence Platform works day and night to save your job

• Positive proof: Consumer footprint insights delivers real value;

• Automation Realtime summaries & reports that used to take an army to make;

• Powerful narratives: Interactive graphics that everyone can understand;

• Recognition: Be the first to spot breaking trends.

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How Birdie's System of Intelligence works for you

1. Collect

Birdie uses its powerful crawlers to collect all the relevant data from different channels across the buying journey, such as social networks, discussion forums, customer feedback platforms, and e-commerces

2. Analyze & Structure

All the content is carefully cleaned, analyzed, and structured into datasets by our AI frameworks. Each dataset is further broken down into business KPIs and organized in granular attributes created according to their relevance, frequency, sentiment, and recentness.

3. Generate Dashboards

Once Birdie has drilled down and found the most relevant attributes regarding products, personas, behavior, buying experience, and customer service, we use our NLP-based technology to generate easy-to-use dashboards.

4. Actionable Insights & Alerts with APIs

With time, Birdie starts to learn and identify patterns and changes to discover trends and bring insights that can quickly be exported to systems of execution like Marketing Automation Tools, Ad Buying Tools via our API.

How Birdie Margin Intelligence pays for
itself even in a wicked L-shaped recessions



Manual data handling and analysus slashed

Full-stack tool eliminates the need for one-trick pony tools

One person do the job to two or three



Higher-converting creative from social insights

Regional and weather-related adaptations

Automated & spot ad buys



Early warnings from hidden upstream influencers

Hard-data for negotiating better terms & merchandising actions

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