Quality & safety

Quickly identify the quality issues impacting consumer satisfaction.

Get real time insights about quality issues and areas of improvement.

Understand major problems and their root causes.

Compare your performance vs competition and map areas for improvement

Receive automated alerts and reports about rising issues.

Identify and solve product issues that have the most impact in the business

Map opportunities to improve the product roadmap.

Create benchmark standards for current and new products.

Receive alerts to anticipate quality issues before they become crisis

Leverage AI to solve customers biggest problems

Understand major quality issues and their impact in Customer Satisfaction.

Get instant access to what is happening in the market

Easily navigate consumer reviews and feedback to get deep granular data per category, segment, product, and attribute/ features.

Stay ahead of competition

Gain access to competitive analysis and create quality benchmarks

Solve potential crises before they are born

Identify trending issues before they become a crisis and use AI-Powered insights to prioritize your action plan

Monitor safety occurrences and their severity

Access a complete dashboard of safety issues by product and understand the severity of their impact on customers.

Create triggers and automated quality alerts

Receive alerts on the go to keep your organization informed on the latest issues and areas of impact.

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