Vizio P 55" (2018) - P55-F1


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Best reviews


The Vizio P55-F1 matches a great display with poor user-facing software. __[ Display / Hardware ]__ As someone that tends to lean heavily towards a popular competitor known for their display quality, I was surprised by the quality of the display in this TV. While the settings of the default pi


Great TV! I am moving from a recent mid-range Samsung 4K and I think this outshines it in nearly every way. From looks, to performance, features and finally value, I think Vizio brought the goods here. For starters, I like the look and design. It is a fresh, sleek, and metallic bezel-less appeara


First off, this TV looks fantastic right out of the box with little adjustment needed. For me this was an exchange from a TCL 6 series, which I was not satisfied with. Dolby Vision and HDR Content looks impeccable, motion handling was very good for sports, and I actually was quite pleased with the a