TCL S425 55" (2018) - 55S425

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Best reviews


I love this tv! TCL is really coming around making good products! If you get one research the proper tv settings for optimal picture. Look for the right settings for the expert picture settings through the ROKU app as well bc it will make a huge difference!


I purchased a 55" tv in March of 2018, the screen went blank in @ January of 2019. Went to TCL, they sent a rep to evaluate the TV and they replaced it after about 3 weeks. That TV died in August 2019. So 2 TVs in 18 months equals 9 months per TV. I reached out to TCL again and I was told that they


We bought this and sold it in the beginning of the year because we moved into our camper for the summer. Once we went back to an apartment and we decided we needed another TV, it was as simple as walking in and pointing. There is nothing I can say negative about this TV, just buy it and you will l