TCL S405 43" (2017) - 43S405

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Best reviews


I bought this tv because the salesman said TCL had been making TVs for 30 years but that they were just beginning to get noticed. I was unfamiliar with TCL, but interested because of the price. After hearing the sound on the floor model, I was hooked! I think a tv should have a good picture and good


I was in the market for a TV because I purchased a gaming system (PS4 Pro) for my daughter and wanted a 4K television so that the graphics and game play were fully supported and realized. I, quite naturally, started looking at the big three: Sony, Samsung and LG. Then considered Sharp, Toshiba and I


When I needed to replace my TCL Roku tv, I didn’t hesitate to purchase a newer model. I read the reviews. While it wasn’t rated the highest, various sites extolled the virtues of this tv. I was immediately aware that the color wasn’t very vibrant, but thought I just needed to fine tune it. The viewi