Sony X900F 85" (2018) - XBR-85X900F

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Best reviews


Never owned anything but Sonys. Never was sorry I bought one, nor was I ever sorry I bought any of them from Best Buy. The same holds true for this model. I kinda wished the XBR-70X850B I bought four years ago hadn't suffered from a slight degree of backlight non-uniformity, better known as the flas


I did a ton of research on 85 inch televisions before ultimately deciding on this Sony model. I truly hate to overspend on a product but at the same time as someone who loves to watch sports and movies I didn’t want to regret the picture quality for this purchase . I went into Best Buy to physically


I replaced my xbr65x850b with this xbr85x900f because I wanted a bigger screen. I also purchased the Sony HT-ST5000 soundbar. Now I would have HDR, Dobly Atmos, and Dobly Vision. Let’s start with the picture quality... I wasn’t impressed, not that it didn’t look good, because it did, however my old