Samsung RU8000 65" (2019) - UN65RU8000

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Best reviews


I bought the 65" version of this and the picture is absolutely beautiful. The screen is bright and clear and HDR videos in 4K just look gorgeous. 1080p even looks amazing as this TV does a superb job of upscaling it. I did a back and forth with watching Avengers Infinity War on Netflix vs. a Blueray


I am posting this review to warn people on the 8000 series. I bought an 8000 series samsung 3 years ago. yesterday it completely fried from normal usage. samsung said there was nothing they could do since I am outside the warranty period. This TV cost $1400 at the time. Samsung used to be a great el


So I bought this TV about 4 years ago when it first came out and I spent a lot on it (around 4k). In the beginning, I sang its praises and it really was the best 4k Smart TV in the market during that time. The problem is that about a year after I purchased - it started to light bleed around the per