Samsung RU8000 55" (2019) - UN55RU8000


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Best reviews


So I posted a review of this TV a few days ago and its still not up which means they deleted it since I didnt have nice things to say about this TV. But customers need to hear the truth. Firstly, the VRR (variable refresh rate tech) is a lie. It does not, I repeat VRR Freesync over HDMI DOES NOT


I really feel in love with this TV when I was shopping for a newer model at Best Buy. It has excellent features and the picture seemed similar to the QLED model but was at least $200 cheaper. So I chose this model. It was an easy install but it tends to darken the picture at times, which upon resear


I've had this 55" RU8000 for about a week and a half now. I think the 4K upscaling is terrific; really improves the look of lower resolution content. Colors are great. I've settled on leaving it set to Movie mode, but changed Movie mode's color profile to "Warm1" (from its default of Warm2, which