Samsung RU7100 43" (2019) - UN43RU7100

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Best reviews


First the good. This TV has Samsung's usual very good picture quality and viewing angle. Setup is relatively straight forward, though having to enter one's email address/Samsung account login and password via the on-screen keyboard is a pain. Hopefully, you will only need to do it one time at setup.


I purchased a 43" 4K Smart TV. This is my first Smart TV, as I was skeptical about getting one because I am "old school". I have a VCR connected to it, and the picture quality is excellent for VHS movies in SP mode. EP mode is horrible. In the past, I did not record any VHS movies myself, but


This review is for the 43RU7100. The NU is previous model. 4K video looks great. Out of box settings right now but will adjust. I contemplated going with QLED but at double the price, just can’t justify it for a non everyday use TV set. Speakers are louder than my previous and I won’t need a sound b