Samsung Q70R 55" (2019) - QN55Q70R

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Best reviews


I had a KS8000 I think the 2016 “SUHD” Line. I had purchased the 2 year Geek Squad protection for it and an a month before the protection ran out the TV had a Panel issue and Best Buy tried to fix it first and wasn’t able to so they replaced the TV for me and offered me the Samsung Q6FN from last ye


After doing a lot of research, I decided to invest in a new TV after our old LCD set died. Because the bezel is so thin, this 55" unit actually fits in the same space as our old 49" set - with room to spare! The picture is absolutely stunning, especially after I adjusted it to our particular viewing


Impressive! I am happy with my purchase. I was looking for a modern 4k HDTV that wouldn't be out dated in months. I picked a winner! Pros: Newest Processor High Refresh Rate Smart Menu Samsung Smart Things Packaging Protection A+ QLEDs Manufactured Feb 2019 Cons: Remote shortcuts f