Samsung NU8000 49" (2018) - UN49NU8000


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Best reviews


This is going to be focused on User Interaction standpoint. DISPLAY & DESIGN - Really good. The picture quality looks relatively good right out of the box. The physical design is excellent with thin body and bezel, and also with sturdy stand. Here is why this particular model might not be the b


Bought this unit after seeing it in the store. This is the 2018 model, and it looked nice enough on display. I figured it had to have some stellar upgrades over my 2014 Samsung Curved television, plus it was on sale, so I pulled the trigger. Big mistake. As soon as I had it set up and turned on, I w


I bought this TV for my aunt. I set it up and found it be an excellent 4K TV for the money. The colors are great and almost as good as what is on the Samsung QLED sets. I was a little concerned that maybe motion blur would be an issue (as on the 7000 series), but I found this TV to be excellent, I w