Samsung U28E590D 28" (2015)

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Best reviews


This is by far the least expensive TRUE 4K display out there, however still high on the price but I decided to take the dive and have NO regrets. Everything about this monitor is stellar except for only one display-port plus the stand is wobbly and does not have VESA support. See PRO VS CON list be


I've been using a Samsung 1920x1200 monitor for the past 6 years so when I decided to add a second monitor to my desk I was buying with the idea that I will also use this new monitor for just as long. This is the reason why I chose to spend extra and get a 4K monitor at a time when 4K support is pr


This is a TN panel which is why price wise it is so cheap. Don't fall for it. While it is a high-quality TN panel it still doesn’t make it worth the money. It is 10-bit panel (8 bit + FRC). Usually there is a good difference between a native 8-bit panel vs a 10-bit panel (8 bit + FRC). The colors ar