Acer SA230 bi 23" (2017)


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Best reviews


There’s a lot to like about this desktop PC monitor. Two video inputs including HDMI and VGA. Tilt control, zero frame and fashionable, sturdy, round stand. Full HD 1080p display. 250 Nits. Size is ideal for folks who like two monitors side by side, on their desktop. This 23” monitor fits my s


Acer has been known for making good (although not “great”) products for many years, and at reasonable prices, so it should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with their products that the updated 23” SA230 monitor…now carrying the SA230 bi (NOT to be confused with the old SA230 bid 23” model) mod


The ACER SA230 is a 23" monitor that is a good value monitor for use as a secondary monitor or for a non-professional use monitor. The monitor itself is 23" and very thin and light. It's very basic and comes with one connector cord, a VGA connection but allows for use of HDMI and DVI as well if you