Time is our most valuable resource.

It’s the only thing we can’t buy, sell or recover. And the most important decision we have to take every day is how we will use it.

Our values

Now think of online shopping and how much time we spend researching products on Google or Amazon and jumping between tabs. All trying to find the product that will make our lives more pleasant and meaningful.

But there are so many options with hundreds of features, extras, and models that we don’t understand and that we may or may not want or need. We also read reviews from people we don’t know - and that might not even be real! - and receive product suggestions that are actually ads.

That whole process brings frustration, stress and leave us exhausted trying to choose one among endless options. It even makes us feel dumb sometimes.

At Birdie, we believe that nobody should waste time filtering fake and paid reviews or looking for information on different websites. Actually, people should find the right product for them in a single place, in seconds, with the help of the people they trust. So we went there and built a community to make consumers more powerful and smart.

Imagine asking for a recommendation and instantly receiving suggestions from our community - your friends and other users like you who already have that product. What about letting Birdie automatically rank and organize all the recommendations for you, compiling relevant product information, available offers, aggregate ratings and more so you can decide confidently and buy? Now imagine all the time that you’ll have available to do other things. Cool, hã?

Less wasted time, more real interactions, better shopping choices, and a happier you. Because you deserve the best. That’s the future of online shopping - and the purpose of Birdie’s existence.