How Insights teams can use feedback analytics to enhance and expand the role of market research

The importance of market research for any company’s success is undoubtedly getting more relevant every year. The insights generated by active approaches, such as quantitative and qualitative ones, or by the passive ones, like behavioral monitoring or eye-tracking, are essential for any business to succeed, understanding gaps and business opportunities in the market. No wonder […]

Smart home users want more than connectivity

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a wonder that can make a difference in users` everyday lives, a nice example are the smart home devices. These kind of smart devices can make things more accessible and empower users in the house tasks management.  To understand the role of Connected Devices in the Smart Home, Birdie […]

Leveraging customer opinion to build better products in the micromobility industry

Micromobility product development content

In many ways, the mobility industry’s goal is to get people from A to B in an efficient manner, and while this objective remained unchanged since its inception in the early 19th century, the innovations in the means of transportation have gone through a lot of changes. We’re still (mostly) riding two-wheel vehicles, but numerous […]

How to get Consumer Insights in an era of Data Overload?

In COVID-19 times, having access to consumer data is no longer a problem for manufacturers. What differentiates companies these days is really the power to perform the necessary analysis and generate valuable insights. How exactly do we generate consumer insights in an era of data overload?